3 Continents, 3 years, 1 Magazine 2017

8th Feb 2017


ethiopian. ft solutions. selamta


Ethiopian Airlines was able to take full advantage of the UK’s competitiveness by moving the business to FT Solutions Ltd. As a current supplier to Ethiopian Airlines for their print related supplies FT Solutions was well placed to assist and met with publishers – Journey Global Media, based in Charlottesville, VA, USA – who were satisfied with our capabilities and service offering.

The Selamta magazine – meaning Greetings in Amharic – in its 33rd year of publication, is therefore now being produced in Europe, via their publisher in the USA, and delivered from Addis Ababa, engaging the talents found on 3 continents, USA, Africa and Europe.


Ethiopian Airlines has been able to consolidate their supplier base, while also saving costs, by awarding FT a 3 year contract to deliver the in-flight magazine.

Selamta is a world class publication with an array of coverage as diverse as the airline and region it serves. Its pages feature business, technology, health, travel, sports, culture, fine dining and much more. As part of their Vision 2025 initiative, Ethiopian Airlines are destined to become the most competitive and leading aviation group in Africa and FT are proud to help them in achieving that ambition.



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