Client Case Study


How a major UK utilities company improves its services to customers



Utility companies are required by industry regulations to offer their customers multiple methods in which they can pay their bill. A water service provider - who does not have branches on the high street - sought a method of accepting cash payments.



The water service provider looked to FT Solutions to provide a payment card option that would enable customers to make cash payments at a Payzone point (located in retail outlets across the UK). When a customer requests a cash payment card, FT Solutions fulfil the request with the production and mailing of a personalised PVC laminated payment card and letter. Requests are processed and dispatched on the same day.



The entire printing and mailing operation for new payment card packs is handled by FT Solutions who have the experience and equipment to offer a cost effective and automated solution to its client. The client benefits from more prompt payments and compliance with industry regulations whilst customers benefit from a quick and convenient way of paying their bill in cash.