Client Case Study


How a pension provider outsources its print and mailing whilst retaining security and control over communications



When the UK Government’s pension reforms came into effect in 2012, a pension provider needed a new process for providing letters to around 20,000 people in the UK due to the labour intensive tasks of printing, enclosing and franking letters.



A Hybrid Mail solution was implemented for the pension provider. Hybrid Mail enables your electronic documents to be printed and mailed in an ISO27001 production facility where more than 50,000 documents are securely handled every day providing you with significant savings. When an employee needs to send a mailing, instead of printing, enclosing and franking, they simply click Print and select Hybrid Mail. They are also offered the opportunity for additional inserts to be enclosed from a library of existing documents.



Within a matter of days, the organisation was able to streamline the way their mailings were generated. Accuracy of mailings was improved and the best postal rates were achieved thanks to the software’s ability to check addresses against the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF). The solution has also made it very easy to manage costs owing to the clear on-screen pricing structure which enables the team to see exactly how much they are spending. Furthermore, the solution offered the organisation greater control over communications via an approval loop for certain mailings.