How does FT Solutions continue to remain at the front of printing services?

3D Printing 3D printing is predicted to touch all of our lives in the very near future and become a multi-billion pound industry.


FT’s ambition is to always be at the forefront of print products, service and management to always provide the best client solution so with ever changing high value equipment required, and as yet few defined 3D print client bases, when would be the right time to enter the 3D print arena?


After 2 years of 3D research a partnership was formed with Berlin based Staramba the global leaders in 3D printed figurines, one particular product being ME AND MY STAR IN 3D where an individual can be printed interacting with a star of their choice from sport, film, TV, theatre and music.

Staramba FT3D is now up and running offering the full Staramba range of products with the complete service, scanning, computer image manipulation, printing and finishing all in-house at the Hertford offices.


The very first week that the 3D scanner and printers arrived the wraps were quickly taken off and the 3D team travelled to St. Georges Park, the England Football training ground, where the entire England team were 3D scanned whilst preparing for their match against Germany in Berlin, which they went on to win! From this it is now possible for a fan to be printed alongside their hero or to purchase the hero alone.

England is just one of many teams available that the service offers

ME IN 3D – where an individual can be 3D printed.

MY STAR IN 3D – your collectible hero of sport, film. TV and music.

YOUR EVENT IN 3D – The scanner comes to your event to capture the attendees/guests.

ME AND MY STAR IN 3D – The individual printed alongside their hero of choice.