Client Case Study


How a major UK retailer consolidates its print spend to reduce costs by 20%



House of Fraser is Britain's leading retailer of designer brands. House of Fraser required consolidation of print spend and identification of spend allocation.



FT Solutions conducted a complete and in-depth audit process of House of Fraser's printed materials and warehousing requirements. FT Solutions published an audit plan which ensured support from House of Fraser's key stakeholders whilst also engaging with all of House of Fraser’s print suppliers.

Working with the key stakeholders at House of Fraser, FT Solutions was equipped to address agreed key deliverables:

  • Cost reduction and improved efficiencies
  • Consolidation of forms produced
  • Standardisation of corporate image
  • Simplification of administration procedures and call off processes
  • Process and service
  • Warehousing and distribution of both print and non-print products
  • Central control of print expenditure

Following a review of the products supplied, FT Solutions consolidated and identified each product into its appropriate work stream and benchmarked the products within the market place for efficiency and economy. This structured, intensive process driven programme was imperative to the success of addressing House of Fraser's requirements and in highlighting the weaknesses in the current supply chain.

FT Solutions re-engineered House of Fraser's business process to drive supply chain efficiencies and cost savings. During implementation FT Solutions:

  • Re-sourced the supply of all products
  • Simplified warehousing procedures
  • Provide benchmarked pricing
  • Adhered to budgetary control mechanisms
  • Creation of brand library for consistent usage of corporate image
  • Provision of management reporting for expenditure analysis
  • Training for store not conversant in system functionality


A significant reduction in House of Fraser's administration processes was achieved with a 42% rationalisation of the quantity of forms being produced and used. FT Solutions delivered cost savings in excess of 20% within the first year, and have highlighted further savings year on year.

Through consolidation of House of Fraser's print supply to one source, professional procurement and stringent vendor management strategies, FT Solutions improved the supply chain efficiencies and provided visibility of expenditure to House of Fraser.