Client Case Study


Developments in passenger handling documents



Changes to the IATA boarding pass specifications which included the elimination of magnetic stripes on boarding passes and the introduction of 2D barcodes provided the opportunity for airlines to make cost savings if an effective new design for the documents could be created.



FT Solutions designed a new style thermal coated paper boarding pass in the same style as the original 8” length, eg rounded corners and IER sensor holes, but as a 4” document.  The considerations given to the design meant that existing hardware continued to be compatible with the new style and only minimal, low-cost changes to the software were required.  Valuable advertising space was also retained.

In addition to this, FT Solutions evaluated the requirement for up to 20.25” thermal tags and proved that tags for Domestic travel have a different set of requirements to International, therefore creating the opportunity to reduce to 12” or 14” domestic thermal tags. The tags continue to carry all of the eye-readable information and bar codes required to keep operations running smoothly.



The new style of boarding pass and thermal tags offered by FT Solutions has resulted in significant cost savings for many airline clients. Given that around 80 per cent of the cost of a thermal tag is in the base material, the new smaller design has been of great benefit to clients. The new products not only require less material which is an immediate cost saving, but also incur less packaging and transportation costs.

FT Solutions works closely with key suppliers to understand the full life cycle and carbon footprint arising from their activities and products. We constantly review our resource efficiency as demonstrated by this project for our airline clients.