Client Case Study

Star Alliance

How a leading airline alliance improves customer journeys



Star Alliance aimed to achieve a truly seamless travel hub at one of the world’s premier international airports - Heathrow - by reaching an unprecedented level of integration between 23 member airlines in the new Terminal 2 facility at Heathrow Airport.



FT Solutions successfully tendered to fulfil a three year contract to supply all of the operational print that is required to get all flights off the ground from Terminal 2. For the first time, all of the airlines would use the same operational print items such as boarding passes, thermal tags and labels which would all carry the Star Alliance brand. Utilising their extensive knowledge in the airline industry, FT Solutions re-engineered some of the designs for the print items to make significant cost savings for their client and its members.

When additional stocks are required, the ground handling agents at Terminal 2 simply place an order with FT Solutions who either print on demand or pick and pack from their extensive warehouse facilities before delivering it directly to the Terminal.



The occupancy of the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport by Star Alliance member airlines acted as a test case for Star Alliance to assess if the model could and should be repeated around the world. Streamlining operational print to carry one brand for all airlines has achieved economies of scale for all of the airlines.

Traditionally, each airline would order operational print from their Head Office which in many cases is overseas and therefore takes longer to receive and is vulnerable to delays at customs. FT Solutions are located less than 50 miles from Heathrow Airport which enables them to quickly deliver replenishment stocks as needed.