Multi-Site Marketing

We provide solutions for localised teams to create sales and marketing material from corporate approved dynamic templates.


Like most businesses today, if you have multiple sites or a corporate and local marketing structure you will understand the challenges involved in generating sales and marketing material for different events and promotions whilst trying to maintain a consistent brand. Our multi-site marketing tool means that you can control your brand but share the ability to generate local marketing materials.


Protecting your brand

Our online platform enables you to set up a collection of brand approved materials, such as flyers, posters and brochures, and determine which elements – text or images – you would like to make editable to colleagues. Whilst areas become editable, you define to what extent. For example, you can set the font, size and colour for text so that only the wording may be changed.

The simplistic user interface requires no design skills to achieve a professional, brand compliant document. Once created, save your electronic file or click print for a high quality digital print to be sent direct to you. Alternatively, our in-house mailing team can send your communications direct to your customers.

Using the same platform, we can also set up an online shop for you to call off marketing materials that we store in our warehouse such as exhibition equipment, promotional gifts and brochures. Ordering small or large volumes is easy and delivery is fast. You won’t have to worry about onsite storage and you will have complete visibility of stock levels and usage per site/individual.