Personalised Communications

We increase your brand engagement with fully personalised communications.


Advances in technology mean that customers are constantly exposed to a wealth of businesses competing for their custom and consequently the window of opportunity to grab their attention is decreasing.  However, advances in technology are also enabling our clients to stand out from the crowd and deliver a more relevant and memorable message.  How?  With personalised communications.

It is critical to understand who your customers are, what they do and don’t like, what’s important to them and what interests them in order to devise messaging that will gain their attention.  Using this customer insight we can help you to deliver timely printed and electronic communications that really resonate with your customers.


Personalised print

We have the tools and experience to deliver fully personalised printed communications which can include variable text, images, offers and vouchers to target your customers with something of relevance to them.  We then manage the posting of your communication and can further personalise it with additional inserts relevant to their buying behaviour.


Personalised URLs

A personalised URL (PURL) is a unique and personalised web page created to target an individual with a relevant communication and is more likely to trigger an action than a generic URL (GURL).

We can devise personalised multi-channel campaigns that drive your email or direct mail recipients to a PURL to take up an offer, register for an event, enter competitions etc.

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