Postal Mail

Our ISO approved in-house mailing service ensures your postal communications deliver maximum return on investment.


Direct mail isn’t dying, it’s thriving

There are more channels available today to communicate with your customers than ever before but direct mail still remains a favourite for retaining customers and driving sales. We think there is something special about delivering your brand in a tangible form. You can convey so much more about your brand before one word is even read.

We help you to deliver a targeted and personalised communication that ensures your customers receive a meaningful and more impactful message.


Secure handling for your transactional mail

Great news – your latest direct mail campaign powered by FT Solutions has caused a spike in sales, but are you prepared for the knock-on spike in transactional mail you’ll need to process?

Our transactional mail offering is a specialist service to manage the secure handling, personalising, printing and mailing of your items such as invoices, statements, renewal notices, quotations and insurance documentation. Whilst you will have peace of mind that your transactional mail is being professionally and securely managed, you will also reap the benefit of major postal discounts.

We also offer a hybrid mail solution for your transactional mail whereby you can upload your correspondences to our self-service ftmailit© portal. You simply upload your PDF, select your requirements eg full colour, mono, first class etc and then and we will take care of printing your brand consistently and sending your mail quickly. You could save one working day per 100 items mailed, free up your team member’s time to focus on other priorities, and be spending less than the price of a second class stamp per item. Watch our hybrid mail video below.



Keeping in touch with your members and loyalty customers

We support a wide range of membership organisations and loyalty card providers. You’ll find out more about our solutions on our membership and loyalty solutions page.